Real Life Review - HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse with Lights On

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The HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse (Get it from Amazon: HyperX Pulsefire Surge - RGB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse), is a worthy addition to your stack of gaming peripherals. It delivers in three key areas near and dear to the hearts of PC gamers: comfort, performance, and of course, RGB! Read on for my informal thoughts on the mouse from a real life perspective; I’m not a hardware engineer, professional gamer, or UX expert, but I can tell you if this beautiful piece of gear is worth your (or your parent’s) hard earned cash!

TLDR; If you can find this mouse below $60 (currently it’s on sale for $54.99 at Amazon) it is a must buy. You can’t go wrong with its premium sensor, satisfying clickiness, and beautiful RGB. The Ngenuity software is less than ideal, but the hardware is well worth $50-$60 and will improve your gaming performance if you are upgrading from a lower tier piece of kit.

Specifications and Features

  • Pixart 3389 Sensor with native DPI up to 16,000

  • Light ring provides dynamic 360° RGB effects

  • Reliable Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks

  • Fully customizable with HyperX NGenuity software

  • Onboard memory to store customizations

  • Large skates for easy gliding

  • Original MSRP: $69.99

Comfort and performance

At first glance, the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB does not appear to be the most exciting gaming mouse you will come across. In fact, upon unboxing, you’ll find a fairly non-descript mouse with three insert cards… and that’s it. The mouse has a standard form factor with 6 buttons, including a wheel button for easy scrolling. Again, this is a standard button layout that all of us are familiar with; certainly not something that you would expect to pay $70… You may wonder if this really is a premium piece of kit, until you turn it on and discover that it is most definitely worth every penny that you paid for it.

HyperX Gaming Mouse Review
HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse Unboxed

This mouse just feels right. The Omron switches are on point and extremely satisfying to click. The two side buttons are just as enjoyable to use as the top left and right buttons, and the wheel scrolls with an agreeable resistance that ensures you won’t be inadvertently scrolling past your intended goal.

The Pixart 3389 Sensor is among the most precise that I have personally used, and the three default DPS settings (800, 1600, and 3200) cover nearly all use cases. The DPS setting is cycled using a square button just below the scroll wheel. If I had one complaint regarding the design of this mouse, it would be that the DPS button feels a bit clumsy for me to press. This is a minor issue, as I’m rarely swapping settings, so I don’t think it will impact your overall impression.

In terms of fit, the mouse works well with a variety of grips. I personally enjoy resting my palm on the top, which is just high enough to feel comfortable from an ergonomic perspective without impacting my ability to reach each button quickly and accurately. The mouse glides nicely across the desk, though I do recommend a mousepad or gaming mat to enhance the already premium experience when using this mouse.

Overall, the mouse is extremely comfortable to use and has improved my performance in most games due to it’s precision and clickiness. The one thing it is missing is the weight/heft of competitor’s premium offerings. It moves nicely and feels good in the hand, but is a bit light. It doesn’t include adjustable weighting or form factor mods to fit a variety of hand sizes, so it does lose a point there. With that said, it works perfectly for my average size hands (I’m about 6’ tall) and I suspect most will appreciate the comfort this mouse provides.

Review of HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse


This mouse has 32 fully customizable zones and 360 degrees of RGB around the perimeter. ‘Nuff Said. If RGB is your thing, you’re not going to find something better. It will fit in BEAUTIFULLY with the rest of your RGB build. My one complaint is that the included Ngenuity software could use some work. It gets the job done, but is not intuitive and not quite as user friendly as competing software packages, such as those offered by Logitech and Razer.


Final Thoughts

As you can tell, I have been extremely happy with the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB. I’ve been using it for just over 3 weeks, and not once have I considered returning it. To be completely honest, I was at the point where most of my PC gaming was spent on the couch with a controller (yes, I’m one of THOSE guys), but this mouse has changed my mind. The mouse is a joy to use, the RGB is SICK, and its precision is nearly unmatched. I’m sure you’ll be happy with a competitor’s mouse provided it has the same Omron switches and Pixart 3389 sensor, but if you can find the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB for less than $60, rest assured you’ll be getting an amazing mouse with unmatched RGB.

Real Life Review

  • 8/10

  • Must buy at less than $60

  • Room for Improvement: Software is lacking; the mouse is a bit light and doesn’t include adjustable weights