Jon the Non-Gamer: Why the NES Still Rules (Guest Post)

Editor’s Note: Here at we encourage those with viewpoints other than our own to share their personal paradigms by authoring guest posts. Today, we are pleased to present our first ever guest post, courtesy of Jon the Non-Gamer. Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Editor’s 2nd Note/Update: Jordan from TeamCronotek’s response can be seen here:

When I heard that Cronotek24 was looking for guest bloggers, I first thought to myself: “What do I know about computers? I’m just an old, tired, and angry non-gamer who hasn’t picked up a controller since 1988”. And then I realized: today’s gamer really doesn’t understand what a good gaming experience entails (ed. note - Can’t say I disagree there). Players today are so caught up in the frenzy surrounding frames per second, input lag, frame delay, and other mumbo-jumbo to remember what it was like to relax and have fun. To just play. And it finally occurred to me: millennials just don’t get it! (ed. note - Ok, I’m beginning to get a bit nervous).

Gaming PC Setup for Millenials

Good for you on making it to adulthood and buying that top of the line gaming PC, with the $200 keyboard and mouse that does the same ish as a $10 keyboard and mouse.  You researched, using your smart phone, the differences between the Ryzen 7 series and the Intel i9 series CPU, computer screen refresh rates, and haptic feedback on gaming chairs. You also spent way too much time determining that if you buy on a Tuesday after the full moon on the third month after the system launch you will save 13.5% on your $2k drop on the latest hi-tech set-up, while living in your parents basement, missing your rent, and skipping your student loan payments. Meanwhile, you are missing out on THE best gaming experience of all-time (ed. note - Wow, you managed to alienate our entire target audience as well as the majority of our staff in a single paragraph. Impressive).

Nintendo Entertainment System - NES by  Jason Leung  on  Unsplash

Nintendo Entertainment System - NES by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Using the Ricoh 6502 CPU, the ''OG" of gaming central processing units in 1985, Nintendo came out with the best system of all time and you should go pick one up from a Goodwill right now (ed. note - Does the NES classic count?)Nothing is better than playing Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and Excite Bike on this system.  A countless number of junior high and high school kids mowed lawns, washed dishes, saved their pennies, and begged their parents to buy them this awesome new technology for their birthday or Christmas.  It was a win-win for the brilliant parents who bought this system for their kids as well.  It pre-occupied the kids with entertainment, while giving mom and dad free time to make more kids, focus on household chores, repair the roof leak, and caulk all the windows before they started to leak just like the roof (ed. note - Playing video games while your parents did the chores? Now that is a reality I’d like to enjoy!).  

It was pure joy opening that system on Christmas day, challenging my brother to the best out of ten on Duck Hunt, watching that little dirt bike jump big piles of dirt and cross the finish line on excite bike. And who can forget the sound of Mario jumping over turtles and goombas that would end your turn when you’re in the run of your life avoiding lava and monsters while trying to save princess peach in the scary castle? Nothing beats the Original Nintendo gaming system… If you’re a millennial, jaded by technology and the stresses of social media, do yourself a favor and consider the simpler things in life. And if you can’t appreciate the OG NES, then you just don’t get it (ed. note - Thankfully, retro is in right now with millennials leading the charge. I think we are starting to see the return of classic gameplay elements such as those you describe).

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