Jon the Non-Gamer: If Steve Jobs were here, he would have a heart attack!

Many of you cretins, Oh I mean millennials, that suck at the tit of the almighty Apple will no doubt line up and wait for your new Apple credit card (in partnership with Goldman Sachs).  It’s a different kind of card (so Apple would leave you to believe) and its even made of TITANIUM

Titanium Apple Card

Do you really think Apple cares that much about you? Or do they just want more of your money? As if you haven’t given them enough with the litany of old iDevices you have laying around your apartment.  They are more than happy to sell you a phone for over $1,000 when their all in cost is about $300 — margins that are generally unheard of in the tech sector.  

Photo by  Aidan Bartos  on  Unsplash

In other news, Apple also wants to get in to media production.  With increasingly (Editor’s note - inappropriate comparative adjective removed, let’s pretend it said “lackluster”) software and hardware, is this really a move Apple should be making?  Recently, their laptops have sucked some… (editor’s note - some rather strong language removed here; I’ll be having a chat with Jon the Non-Gamer), along with their worthless “butterfly” keyboards which customers have been complaining about for 4 years to no avail.  Apple will not fix the problem, and instead of searching for solutions, Apple has faced two class action lawsuits.   Is Apple trying to do too much?  Take it from a true technophobe - Apple has too many hands in too many cookie jars and their products are suffering for it.  

Photo by  Allie Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist, a grade A a$$hole, but a perfect one (editor’s note - oops, missed that one).  He didn’t settle for anything that wasn’t great.  He would be having a heart attack right now if he saw the compromised quality affecting both software and hardware, like a stupid laptop switch.  Apple is juggling too many ill-advised projects and it’s causing them to be simply good, rather than great like Steve Jobs would have had it.  Bring back Steve Jobs (or at least an AI replicant of him) and tell Tim Cook he is done.  

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