Jon the Non-Gamer: Are You Serious?!?

The true cost of a cell phone

How long did you wait in line at your favorite tech store to buy that new smart phone you just had to have?  Perhaps you waited for a few days and ordered it online because actually going to a store would take you away from your latest tech addiction and you would have to leave your comfy house. 

Some of these damn smart phones cost over $1,000 (and don’t get me started on foldable phones!) and with an additional $100 per month for a data plan, that can add up to over $70,000 over the course of your working years.  Are you serious?  There are many worthy organizations that could use some of that money with missions more important than your need to get the latest smart phone (news flash: your new phone is just as <insert curse word here> as the last model; clever marketing just told you it was better) . Take it from a true non-gamer: instead of buying that phone right away… wait, buy it cheaper down the road, and donate the difference to make a difference.

Donate instead of spending money on mobile devices

Here are a few non-profits I highly recommend:  

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:
St Jude Childrens Hospital:
Donate Sport:   

Additionally, there are thousands of national and local organizations that need your help. The average adult spends three hours a day on their (stupid) smart phone using social media. Research has shown that kids actually spend up to 24 hours per week with their faces buried in the 5-inch blue light emitting display.  Instead of wasting your time using a janky, malware-ridden picture filter for your ugly mug on your $1,000 phone (along with wasting hours a day making no meaningful contribution to those around you), how about you use some of that time to:

  • Walk a dog at your local animal shelter

  • Buy canned food for your local food bank

  • Find a local church and help with their next community outreach day

Instead of spending money on a new phone, donate to a local food bank

Sure, you can buy that overpriced smart phone and also pay too much for your monthly plan because you need that much data to check all your social media accounts before you start your day… but don’t forget about others that may need help more than you need to fix your face with a data-stealing picture filter app. 

$70,000, Are you serious?

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