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Jon the Non-Gamer: Do You Really Need That Many Cores?

Ryzen 7 2700x vs. Intel core i9 9900K, How many cores do you care about?

Do I win because I have more cores than you?  Does price play a factor into which CPU you will run to beat that 13 year old from Arkansas that sniped you five consecutive times on Apex Legends in front of your new girlfriend/boyfriend and now you’re embarrassed so you have to spend the extra hundreds of dollars on a slightly better CPU?

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A Millennial’s Response to Jon the Non-Gamer

So you think millennial’s just don’t get it? Sure, I was not able to unwrap a brand new NES on Christmas day while wearing my Transformers pajamas. However, you know what? You were spoon fed games at an early age. Back in your day, all that was required was a console and a cartridge.

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Jon the Non-Gamer: Why the NES Still Rules (Guest Post)

When I heard that Cronotek24 was looking for guest bloggers, I first thought to myself: “What do I know about computers? I’m just an old, tired, and angry non-gamer who hasn’t picked up a controller since 1988. And then I realized: today’s gamer really doesn’t understand what a good gaming experience entails.

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