Cut of the Week 2/3/2019 - Battle with Magus - Chrono Trigger

Decisive Battle with Magus

Today’s Cut of the Week comes from my favorite game of all time, the classic SNES JRPG Chrono Trigger! Now, I could write pages upon pages on the merits of both the game and its soundtrack, but for now I’ll simply leave you with the track that plays when you face Magus for a decisive boss battle. Hearing the black wind howl for the first time as the piece builds is a priceless component of my gaming childhood… and I won’t share any spoilers, but the post-battle realization literally rocked my world back in a time when I didn’t quite understand why people enjoyed RPGs. Needless to say, I came around to RPGs (and JRPGs in particular), while the game inspired my gamer tag and the name of this blog. If you haven’t played Chrono Trigger, please do so as soon as possible, but for now I’ll leave you with the Decisive Battle with Magus… Enjoy and be sure to leave your favorite Chrono Trigger track in the comments!